Brand equity in Brazil

No artigo Brand equity in Brazil, em inglês, José Roberto Martins comenta a respeito das dificuldades e oportunidades para a criação e comunicação de marcas no Brasil.

The market in Brazil has now moved forward significantly with a series of mergers and acquisitions. It is estimated that in 1996 nearly US$ 13.5 billion was spent on 369 transactions involving joint-ventures and acquisitions of controlling stakes in the private sector, which is 100% up on the 1991 figure of 184 deals of this type. Whereas foreign investors accounted for 25% of the deals made in 1991, this rose to 49% in 1996 for purchases of controlling stakes, and 78% for joint-venture deals. It seems quite clear that Brazil has now overcome the reticence of the majority of international investors in relation to its potential for future free cash flow, chiefly concerning currency stability and the prospects for remittances of earnings.

Even the crisis in Asia late in 1998 and the domestic recession of the first quarter of 1999 could not stop the flow of investments in Brazil, which amounted to US$24 billion in 1998 and closed 1999 with more than US$25 billion, all involving the merger or acquisition of well known Brazilian brands.

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